We transform ideas into software products.

We are comprised of skilled and experienced individuals who have dedicated their careers to the ever-evolving and dynamic field of technology, and their extensive knowledge, combined with their innovative problem-solving abilities, makes them a formidable force for developing innovative ideas.

We are a software development firm based in Laguna, Philippines, that creates unique software solutions such as websites, web apps, and mobile apps, just to name a few, for businesses and organizations to optimize their processes, elevate their digital transformation, and enhance their branding.

We offer quick, affordable, and effective solutions that supports our clients' businesses. Utilizing the newest techniques and technology, our team of developers ensures that the solutions they produce go above and beyond expectations.

Who you'll be working with

Success depends on having a great team. Here are the key players that will work directly on your project.

Jabez Emmanuel Borja

Jabez Emmanuel Borja

Co-Founder & Tech Lead

4+ years of working with startups as founding. Jabez is an entrepreneur, a 2x startup founder, and a Software Engineer with over 6+ years of technical experience. Passionate about products and building businesses.

Honneluv Labanan

Honneluv Labanan

Co-Founder & Co-Tech Lead

4+ years of working with startups. Honneluv is a Full-Stack Software Engineer with over 6+ years of technical experience and have built outstanding projects like Atom-1, a Tensorflow-like Machine Learning Algorithm created from Scratch.

Mark Anthony Estopace

Mark Anthony Estopace

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

With over a decade of technical experience. Mark is a Software Engineer formerly at Samsung R&D Philippines and currently at Starpay. He is a Managing Partner and a Fractional Chief Operations Officer of StackSpace.

Harold Martin Patacsil

Harold Martin Patacsil

Associate Software Developer

3+ years of working in software development. Harold is a Software Engineer specializing in Frontend Development specifically React-based technologies. He loves building things especially relationships with clients.

Frankie Pinat

Frankie Pinat

Marketing Associate & Frontend Developer

4+ years of creative experience in the tech industry. Frankie is a passionate front-end developer with over 4+ years of creative experience specializing in UI/UX design, web design, graphic design, video editing, and animations.

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Our Team

In the course of the last two years, we have not only gathered this remarkable team but also celebrated our second anniversary in the technology sector. During this period, we have effectively executed numerous projects for our esteemed clients, consistently delivering outstanding outcomes that have garnered recognition and instilled confidence in our capabilities. Our dedication to achieving excellence, coupled with our extensive experience and creative problem-solving, establishes us as a dependable and respected option for any technology-related work.

The team first started a startup company called Koowentu, demonstrating our entrepreneurial spirit and despite facing challenges and setbacks, which ultimately provided us with valuable lessons and insights in the tech business landscape.

StackSpace is still at its earliest stage but we have helped tens of entreprenuers launched their idea and turn them into reality. StackSpace while serving clients, is aiming to provide Softwares to help entrepreneurs boost their businesses.

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